About Me

Family:  The Foundation

At an early age, my parents instilled in me the importance of education. Their love for learning and their commitment to teach me and my siblings the value of education is the foundation of who I am today.

My educational experience includes an accounting degree from Morehouse College, a Master in Taxation from Golden Gate University and my CPA license from the State of California. I have been the owner of an accounting firm for over 30 years.

My family's commitment to education continues with my three children who have gone through the Santa Monica Malibu public school system to study at Santa Monica College.This past June, the Snell family reached another milestone when I handed my son his AA Degree in Accounting from Santa Monica College.

Community:  To Be of Service

As a former SMMUSD School Board member, and business leader with extensive ties to the Santa Monica community and its educational institutions, I bring a diverse and practicable experience to the SMC Trustee Board.  I have served as a member of the SMC Bond Oversight Committee and as treasurer for Community for Excellent Public Schools (CEPS). I presently serve as a board member for Downtown Santa Monica, the finance advisory board for the SMMUSD Education Foundation and for Century Community Charter Middle School in Inglewood.

During my time as a parent at Santa Monica High School, I chaired the African American Parent Student Staff Support Group, and was Vice President of Health and Safety for PTA Council. While campaigning for election in 2006, I worked diligently to past the BB bond initiative for 360 million dollars. As President of the School Board in 2010,along with dedicated parents I helped spearhead Measures Y and YY that brought needed funding to our schools and city services. I am also an avid bike rider and worked hard to ensure safe routes to school for our children during my tenure on the School Board.

During my brief tenure on the Santa Monica Pier Board I helped guide the Twilight Dance Series through some tough financial times.  Today the Twilight Dance Series is financially sound and brings record crowds to the beach every Thursday night during the summer.

My family and I are renters and live in the Pico neighborhood.  Living in Santa Monica has allowed me to raise my children in a community that values good public schools and affordable housing.  Those two values as a public leader I will continue to work hard to maintain.

Purpose: Goals as a Trustee

My appointment to the SMC Trustee Board in February 2014 was very humbling for me.  In my brief tenure, I along with my fellow Trustees, already finalized contracts with two of SMC’s labor organizations. I was proud to support pay increases for faculty and staff. My top goals and priorities as a Trustee for SMC moving forward are:

  • To construct policy that will ensure equity and access to allstudents that enroll in SMC
  • To continue to build strong community partnerships with the cities of Santa Monica and Malibu and with SMMUSD
  • To ensure that SMC stays fiscally responsible
  • To build environmentally safe buildings for students and employees
  • To ensure that SMC continues to be the top community college in transferring students to four year universities
  • To provide courses to all students whether in our Emeritus program or from those matriculating from our high schools and our community.
  • To listen to the concerns of the residents of Santa Monica and Malibu and work to ensure a good working relation with SMC.

Your vote for me on November 6, 2018 will be greatly appreciated.